*1987 | In Rottweil (Germany).


1989 – 1996 | Growing up in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain).


1997 – 2014 | Youth, school and studies in and around Freiburg (Germany).


Between 2004 and 2011 | 3- to 10-months stays in Chile, Peru and Australia as a student, volunteer or worker.


2007 – 2009 | Studies of psychology (B. Sc.) at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (Germany).


2009 – 2014 | Studies and university diploma in visual arts (main subject), nutrition & textiles and mathematics for teaching profession (focus on secondary school) at the Freiburg University of Education (Germany).
During the above-mentioned studies, completion of the first two years of additional studies at the Institute for Scientific Advanced Training in Freiburg to become a curative and socio-pedagogical art therapist (acquisition of the intermediate certificate).
(Continuation and completion of further therapeutic training / studies planned for future integration into my current freelance artist & art teaching profession.)


2015 – 2017 | Working in Hamburg and Lower Saxony (Germany) in the school sector and in the socio-pedagogical field (primary school, integrated secondary school, clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy).
Part-time self-employed artistic activity.


Since 2018 | Full-time self-employed visual artist and art teacher / pedagogue.
Representation via and collaboration with Hamburg’s artotheque “Kunstleihe Hamburg” (Germany).
Art instructor at boesner Ltd. (presence workshops (until 2022) in the branches Hamburg-Altona, Glinde, Bremen and Kiel (northern Germany), video tutorial offers and online drawing courses (ongoing)).
Art teacher at the cultural center “Kulturhaus Süderelbe” in Hamburg (Germany) (painting courses for children as well as holiday projects) (until 2022).
Collaboration with Kidstime Deutschland e.V. (pedagogical work (workshops in Bremervörde (until 2022)), illustration, design and translation services as well as website design and administration (ongoing)).
Member of the artist group “Kunstkreis2012” in Lüneburg (Germany) (until 2022).
Studio seat in the studio house “Atelierhaus23” in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg (Germany) (until 2022).


2022 | Stays in southern Germany, Colombia and southern France.


2023 | Stay in Nice (Côte d’Azur, southern France).


Since 2024 | Residence in Bergen (Norway).
Cooperation with the above-mentioned partners continues
(Collaboration with Kidstime Deutschland e.V.
(illustration, design and translation services as well as website design and administration),
representation via and collaboration with Hamburg’s artotheque “Kunstleihe Hamburg” (Germany),
art instructor at boesner Ltd. (video tutorial offers and online drawing courses)).
Studio seat in Gyldenpris Kunsthall in Paradis (Norway).








“Hamburg’s artotheque visiting Anne Flad”
(02:21 min (in German))



(Dennis Albrecht – film production)










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